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Laptop Case Tutorial

Okay, so this is super simple! It is the same as the iPad case, too.

All you need is:
2 pieces--enough fabric to cover your laptop (or other electronic gadget) plus 3/4 inch all around...I just laid out the fabric and sat my laptop on it and measured and marked 3/4 inch all around it and cut. More than likely a fat quarter will be more than enough for the outside fabric and you will have plenty left over. If you are doing a netbook or smaller gadget, then you may only need one fat quarter for the outside fabric.

2--1/2 square inch smaller fabric than outside fabric for inside fabric

2--5x5 inch square matching outer fabric (for flap)

6--pieces of Pellon fusible batting.. 2 pieces need to be the same size of outer fabric and 2 pieces need to be the same size as the inner fabric and 2 pieces the same size as the flap

You may also want some sort of closure like Velcro or snaps. I didn't use any on the laptop since it is snug but for the iPad I used Velcro.

You will also need the typical sewing materials such as sewing machine, matching thread, rotary cutter, scissors, and anything else you usually use.

INSTRUCTIONS: (sorry there aren't any pictures... But trust me, this is SIMPLE)

Timing: It takes me about an hour to do this one, but I am not super experienced. You may be able to do it faster

Use 1/4 inch seams except when sewing the flap to the outer piece.

First, iron the Pellon all of the matching sized fabrics (you should have six pieces)

Next, sew the 2 pieces of outer fabric with right sides facing each other. Sew the sides and bottom, but NOT THE TOP!

Then, sew the 2 pieces of the flap together with right sides facing. Sew the sides and the top. You don't have to sew the bottom, because it will be concealed. ***if you are using Velcro, you need to top stitch one side of the Velcro (either the hook or the latch part) to the inner flap piece BEFORE you sew the 2 pieces of flap together. ***

Then, pin the flap to the outer fabric. You should pin it in the place that you want the flap to be once finished. The unsewn bottom of the flap should line up with the unsewn top of the outer fabric. Make sure that both the flap and outer fabric are turned right side out and the corners are all pushed out and pretty.

Once the flap is pinned where you want it (on the outside of the outer fabric so that is looks upside down or as it would look if the flap was all the way opened once you are completed with the project) sew and back stitch all the way across the unsewn edges of flap and outer fabric. So this should be about 4 inches of sewing.

Now, sew the inner fabric on both sides and across bottom, but leave and opening on the bottom of about 5 inches or more so that you can turn it all right side out later.

Next, push the outer fabric right side out into the inner fabric that you sewed in the last step. Make sure that the flap is in between the inner and outer fabric and not sticking out. The Pellon should be on the outside now. Pellon, inner fabric color, flap, outer fabric color, Pellon.

Then, sew along the unsewn top of all fabrics. You may want to sew it a couple of times for added durability.

Once sewn, then turn case right side out through the gap you left at bottom of inner fabric.

Now, topstitch across the gap.

Next, Fix all the corners and make sure it is how you want it.

You are done!

If you have any questions, please ask. Also, I would love to know if you make this case!

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