Saturday, July 14, 2012

Furniture Makeover (Desk) Tutorial

Furniture makeovers are much easier than you think, but there will definitely be sweat, hopefully no blood and surely no tears.

Step 1: sand your piece.

I like to use an electric sander, because it takes much less effort than regular sand paper.
***make sure all hardware is off before sanding***

Step 2: prime your piece.

I like krylon spray paint primer. It is awesome! And not expensive :) make sure the primer dries completely before moving on**

Step 3: paint your piece.

I like Valspar and Krylon spray paints. They are of great quality and less than $4 per can. This desk and the chair took 4 cans or Valspar.

Step 4: protect your piece.

Once paint is COMPLETELY dry and looks even, coat it with a satin finish clear coat. Again, I like Krylon. This will protect you from color bleed and your piece from scratching the color.

See, easy! Let's see what you painted.

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