Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bow Pillow Tutorial

Two pillows in two days...I am doing pretty good! :)

This pillow is also a small and simple one.  I figured I would go a head and post a tutorial as I made this one, too.

-Typical sewing supplies
-2 pieces of main fabric (1 front and 1 back)
       -Fabric needs to be 1/2" longer than your pillow form on each side (mine is 12"x16")
-Fabric for bow
       -Fabric needs to be the same width as your main fabric and however thick you want your bow ends to be
-Scrap fabric to wrap around center of the bow...could also use button


  1. Fold the long edges of your bow fabric and iron
  2. Sew along the folds so that you have finished edges
  3. Center your bow fabric on the front fabric piece
  4. Sew along each edge to attach the bow fabric to the front fabric
  5. Gather bow material in middle to make the shape of the bow and hand stitch so that the shape holds
  6. Fabri-tac one end of the scrap material to the back of the bow's center
  7. Wrap around the center and then place glue on the wrong side of the fabric and press to the wrong side to create a clean fold that will hold
  8. Place another drop of glue on the back of the clean fold you just created and press it to the wrapped center to hold the fabric strip in place for good
  9. Now, place fabrics right side together and sew all the way around except for a gap in one side large enough to get the pillow through
  10. Turn right side out
  11. Stuff pillow case
  12. Stitch the gap closed
  13. Enjoy! :)
ashli brooke

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