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DIY Canvas Map

Create your own canvas map for you and your special someone or family to mark all of your travels.  I made the canvas map for my boyfriend who loves maps.  We marked the places that he has been with blue pins, the places I have been with red, and the places we have been together with purple pins. See what we did there?? Cute, huh? Anyway, the canvases are really cute once hanging on the wall. They won't be perfect, but they're still amazing and fun to share with guests.

What you need:

Mod Podge -- whatever finish you want.  Mine has a mix of matte and glossy just because that is what I had on hand. There are several different types of mod podge, even glitter!

Map -- I got mine from Office Depot, but you can find them at bookstores or other office supply stores. I chose one that had good color to it and didn't look like a kindergarten map.

Sponge brush -- You may end up using your fingers more, at least I did...

Map Pins -- You can choose whichever colors you want and there are tons of different pins available out there. I just got mine from the sewing department at Wal-Mart.

Canvas -- You want to make sure that your canvas is a tad bit smaller than your map so that it will fit right, mine was not perfect so I painted the inside borders of the the canvases so that all of the map would show. I wrapped the borders and mod podged them down.

The Process:

1. Lay out your canvas with your map on top of it. ** I rolled out my map and let it sit for a couple of days with the canvas holding down the edges and corners so that it wouldn't try to roll up on me when I was trying to work with it.

2. Cut your map where it needs to be cut in order to be wrapped and mod podged how you want it when it is finished.  Measure like 5 times, because you can only cut once...

3. Slap on a layer of mod podge to the canvas ***Work with one canvas at a time***

4. Lay out the map on the canvas and smooth from the middle out

5.  Layer mod podge on top of the map so that it is sandwiched between mod podge which makes it stick

6. Repeat 3-5 for how ever many canvases you have

7. Let the mod podge dry for about 2 days to make sure that it sets

8. Place your pins!!!

9. Share pictures of your project!


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DIY Christmas Ornament

Be A Fun Mum included a cute Christmas ornament on her blog a little while back.  It is super simple and is great for all ages.  I have included the instructions below.

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Digital State Prints

My 2 homes...Tennessee & Mississippi. I'm not sure which I love more, they are both fantastic! You can purchase these digitals prints plus many more from Molly.

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DIY Burlap Wreath for less than $5


Mallory over at Classy Clutter made the CUTEST Ruffle Burlap Fall Wreath! Not only did she make an adorable wreath, but she made it for less than $5!! We should all take note of this fabulous project.

I plan to try this over Thanksgiving Break.

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Daily Inspiration

DIY Glitter iPhone Charger

Photo: googleimages
What You'll Need:
  • Mod podge - clear works and looks the best
  • Glitter - Choose any size and color that you want. Be creative: mix and match!
  • Clear acrylic sealer - This will ensure that your masterpiece can last as long as possible! Can be aerosol or liquid...
  • Masking tape - Be sure to choose one that won't leave any sticky residue and tape over the metal plugs so you don't damage the charger. You can use butcher tape or frog tape or blue painter tape

  1. Start out by taping over all of the metal pieces so they don't get ruined aka the metal parts and the cord
  2. Paint over where you want to add glitter with your clear mod podge
  3. Before the base coat dries, add as much glitter as your heart desires!
  4. Once you have the glitter exactly how you want it, let it all completely dry
  5. To finish, apply a coat of the clear acrylic sealer to keep everything in place and to avoid a future mess!
  6. Lastly, remove all of the tape from the metal pieces and try it out to make sure it still works

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Christmas is Coming

23 DIY Gift Ideas

Tatertots and Jello compiled a nice list of 23 DIY Christmas gifts. I can't wait to make the dish gloves and recipe book. Wouldn't that just be adorable for some girl friends for Christmas.  The two projects possess all of the great qualities of wonderful gifts for college students: cheap, cute, and thoughtful.  We don't always get to cook for ourselves, but when we do, we definitely don't want to mess up our nail.

More DIY gift ideas to come.

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