Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Glitter iPhone Charger

Photo: googleimages
What You'll Need:
  • Mod podge - clear works and looks the best
  • Glitter - Choose any size and color that you want. Be creative: mix and match!
  • Clear acrylic sealer - This will ensure that your masterpiece can last as long as possible! Can be aerosol or liquid...
  • Masking tape - Be sure to choose one that won't leave any sticky residue and tape over the metal plugs so you don't damage the charger. You can use butcher tape or frog tape or blue painter tape

  1. Start out by taping over all of the metal pieces so they don't get ruined aka the metal parts and the cord
  2. Paint over where you want to add glitter with your clear mod podge
  3. Before the base coat dries, add as much glitter as your heart desires!
  4. Once you have the glitter exactly how you want it, let it all completely dry
  5. To finish, apply a coat of the clear acrylic sealer to keep everything in place and to avoid a future mess!
  6. Lastly, remove all of the tape from the metal pieces and try it out to make sure it still works

ashli brooke

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